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Welcome to The Organized Horse
Furnishings for the Home and Barn with Equestrian Themes
Made in the U.S. by talented craftspeople

Above:  Monroe H/J show (left) / Julie Anne Smith Art (middle) / Gary Jones Art (right)

Products are available for the holidays!
Email Sherry@TheOrganizedHorse.com for details, costs and additional pictures. 
Sherry & Rowe ...  A terrific show season!

* Bridle, Tack & Coat Racks * Ribbon Display Racks * Saddle Racks * Benches * Chests *
* Stools * Home or Grooming Totes * Painted Glassware * Wood Boxes * Tissue Boxes *
* Equestrian Fabrics & Wallpaper Borders * Custom Furniture * Welcome Signs *
* Re-purpose existing furniture pieces with equestrian designs *
*Horse Show Awards * Equestrian Purses (cell, I-Pad, make-up and totes) *
* Equestrian Quilts * Equestrian Pillows / Pillow Covers * Dog Leash Boards *
* Make it personal with your own input, logo, or horse’s picture (photo or painting) *

Email:  Sherry@TheOrganizedHorse.com for more information.